>> 2018-06-14


The Meituan Deliveryman had become a hot social topic. The majority of the public still had an impression of Meituan Deliverymen coming from low value, vulnerable, and marginal social groups. However, Meituan Deliverymen preferred to integrate into society and hoped that their own values could be treated fairly. At the same time, the period before and after the Spring Festival is a season for paying tribute and expressing gratitude. It is an active season in which Meituan Deliverymen are fully mobilized at work, and also a period in which Meituan Take-away could demonstrate their social responsibility.


 At present, in terms of general consumers, Meituan Deliverymen are stereotyped, including such group features as being down-to-earth, etc. However, their dreams and their courage to take responsibility were not well known by the public.


During the Spring Festival, “Paying tribute to everyone who continues to work hard in thier post” boarded the CCTV Spring Festival and became a successful Spring Festival ad. At the same time, the poster campaign of “Become both a Meituan rider and a successful young man” were successfully placed in railway stations across the country, which not only encouraged the current Meituan Deliverymen, but also affected the general populace in their hometowns.


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