>> 2018-06-13


  In recent years,Internet financial platforms have continued to spring up. Most of the new brands are stimulated by   interest rates and lack emotional communication, giving an impression of coldness.


  Publishing advertisements is just like distributing movies.JD’s brand story JOY & Heron is not just an        advertising campaign, but a heart-warming animation in the same format as a movie.  


At home, the movie scored as high as 8.3 (full score 10 points) on Douban, China’s largest movie commentary platform, the atmosphere of the viewing scene was warm, and the audience reaction was enthusiastic. The total exposure reached about 1.137 billion views, and special pages for this were spontaneously created on  iQiyi, Tencent Video, Sohu Video, and other video portal websites. Abroad, after the release of the film, it received spontaneous attention and reports from a dozen foreign media groups such as Shots News, Best Ads, Campaign Asia, Branding in Asia, CGMeetup, etc. It has been watched 26W+ times on Youtube, and has achieved phenomenal self-propagation on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.


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