>> 2018-06-13


    In recent years, Internet financial platforms have continued to spring up. Most of the new brands are stimulated by interest rates and lack of     emotional communication, giving an impression of coldness.


    Iqianjin wanted to take a chance in celebrating its 4th anniversary, to completely separate itself from the emotionless communication of its               competitors. Without any product information, communication was conducted purely on brand concept, to create closeness with customers and     enhance the brand’s popularity, favorability, and sense of trust.


    Iqianjin created its own marketing rules, and instead of being a timeserver, in the jungle of Internet finance, it skillfully seized the opportunity of     its 4th anniversary celebration, capturing the minds of its users through emotional resonance, carrying out cross-platform integrated                       transmission, and deeply engraving the brand concept of “More investment, more happiness” in the minds of its users.


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