180.ai is one of the top MarTech companies in China, we are global experts in intelligent marketing, and we have data and creativity in our genes. The combination of idea and context is empowered by Big data, right now, 180.ai has become the industry's premier intelligent marketing group.

180.ai is headquartered in Beijing, and setted up the branch in Shanghai and ShenZhen. The company is the group member of a global independent advertising network---- Thenetworkone. At the same time, 180.ai also won the Campaign Asia advertising company of the year award in 2017, the fourth China advertising digital group of the year award, TOP 10 in the Effie Greater China independent agents and many other awards. Currently, 180.ai have nearly 400 employees, The research and development center is located in Beijing , and its core team includes dozens of top global AI technical talents and scientists.

Subservient to the will of the concept of technology-driven marketing, 180. ai believes that future marketing is an organic creation process completed by combining creativity with data in the scenario.180.ai owns an experienced creative marketing team, creating integrated marketing solutions for customers with content, scenario and data driven. 180.ai also has an independent research and development team of artificial intelligence, which is unique and innovative in the field of big data analysis and intelligent computing.

In recent years, 180.ai has hatched a number of intelligent marketing products based on AI technology, including the program launch platform TDGo, interactive incentive advertising platform TapWin, intelligent brain DataSpeak and so on. Our clients include SHARP, McDonald's, Budweiser, JD, Meituan, Tencent and other famous brands at home and abroad.


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