TDGo adopts an advanced AI machine learning method which has independently researched and developed, and provides intelligent services for the customer’s brand, including Programmed Direct Buying, Audience Targeting, AD Optimization, Dynamic Creativity, Campaign Management, and other services

Product Feature

  • The TDGo platform driven by artificial intelligence technology which makes program delivery more accurate

    In programmed launching, TDGo intelligence platform to help enterprises in the sequencing of PDB on the joint multiple data sources, USes the advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning method, global optimization and local optimization combination, according to the historical and real-time of data, do people label, cross-media frequency control and so on, multidimensional joint optimization, real-time more precisely finding target population.

  • Intelligent program integration, so that the management of the delivery more efficient

    Using procedural techniques to manage each exposure opportunity in media advertising traffic, it can support the adoption of procedural methods for advertising acquisition, delivery and subsequent data recovery.The whole process of marketing communication can be gradually digitized and managed through data observation. Only in this way can the output of marketing be managed effectively.The whole process of human marketing optimization management can help advertisers to carry out procedural purchase by issuing logical instructions.

  • Capture dynamic creativity programmatically to make communication more vivid

    In the simple and crude advertising mode of traditional advertisements, different materials can only be broadcasted at different times by manual scheduling, which cannot guarantee consumers to watch different contents in sequence for many times.As TDGo sequencing, the system can record every watch commercials ID, the user's cookie or equipment when the user arrives again according to the customers' requirements in the order of play another material, so as to achieve "for a user according to the variety of shuffling material in the form of play";TDGo can also achieve "different people match different ideas" according to the judgment of DMP, so as to achieve more consistent communication effect of consumers.

Product Principle



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