The TapWin Interactive Performance Advertising Platform empowers active delivery and precisely searches for potential customers using big data and intelligent algorithms in real-time, with completely new interactive advertisements, thus boosting and maximizing the effect of the enterprise’s advertisement.

Product Feature

  • Interactive effect advertising

    Through rich and interesting interactive and experiential creativity, it can attract users to actively participate in the interaction and effectively complete the advertising touch.Seamless access to the actual operation scenario of media, aggregation of the best quality of active users in the operation scenario.A large number of thematic promotion template library, thousands of people, to promote the efficient completion of advertising effect transformation.

  • Algorithm & big data dual drive

    By the algorithm of large data capacity, fu can interactive advertising promotion, based on large data to identify the current user interests, behavior, preferences, and algorithm of intelligent matching best ideas and interactive form of advertising activities, efficient complete advertising activity is carried out.

  • Audience segmentation accurate delivery & many traffic efficient touch

    Supports interactive advertising precise orientation, advertising time orientation, regional, directional, crowd subdivision, dimensional accuracy directional potential customers, efficient touch of target customers, to help you achieve precision for the guest.It gathers a lot of high-quality resources of head and middle media to maximize the reach of potential customers for each advertising activity.The advertising entrance is in line with the actual operation scene of the media, so as to obtain the best potential crowd and ensure the freshness and activity of users.

Product Principle



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